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NASA-JSC - Nov 17, 2010

NASA will hold a NASA Docking System (NDS) Technical Information Meeting (TIM) on November 17, 2010 at NASA-JSC Gilruth Center, 2101 NASA Pkwy, Bldg 207, Houston, Texas 77058.

The NDS is NASA's implementation of the newly adopted International Docking System Standard (IDSS), and will incorporate the low-impact docking technology that NASA has been developing for many years.

This meeting will provide information regarding the current development and the planned implementation of the NDS on ISS and for use on Visiting Vehicles rendezvousing and docking with the ISS after the end of CY 2014. The TIM will include a discussion of NDS operational features and capabilities, and requirements for integration of an NDS onto Visiting Vehicles.

The intent of this meeting is a technical interchange, intended to inform the general public and parties interested in the ISS docking system of planned changes to the United States On-orbit Segment (USOS) docking system. This TIM is not a solicitation or pre-solicitation and no procurement actions will result based on this meeting.

Interested parties must pre-register no later than 4:30pm CST on November 10, 2010 by following the registration instructions found on the NDS TIM website: If interest in this meeting exceeds the venue's seating capacity, NASA reserves the right to limit the number of attendees per organization.

Additional information or questions regarding this TIM, including presentations, agenda and directions to the Gilruth Center can be found at: